Milky Beach

Our club has been taking our members of the film club on outings and today on this beautiful sunny day, we decided to take the down to Melkbostrand Beach. There was seven on the little ones, two teens and four adults. Walking on the beach with the kids was an amazing experience, with the light breeze refreshing like nothing on Earth. The day could not get any better for the members of our youth community film club project, Cinematic Kids SA. Just seeing the happy smiles on those little ones faces says it all. I’m pretty sure they will cherish this day for a life time. 

What we do for the kids, we hope more will contribute and support us with many more fun activities we have for the South African communities. But for this Saturday coming, we’ll be filming a documentary in Phoenix, about the many talents each kid has to showcase. If you would like to follow more about our youth film club, the link is right bellow.








Can Anyone Wish a Dream Come True?


Wishes and Dreams

When I was 15 years old, I spent hours in my room, day dreaming, and wishing for a fairytale existence. I imagined so many things. One of my wishes was to grow wings, and fly like an angel. I read a lot of books, especially fairy tales and exciting adventure stories. With every book, I was absorbed within the pages, imagining myself far away, having the most awesome adventures. This was a typical feeling every teenager goes through, and it felt great. I had a Huge fascination for angels, and especially their wings. I got my mother to buy me a pair, and I would go outside, and try to fly like a bird. I guess I looked silly, but the feeling of trying made me happy. Everyday, I would read a little from my books, put on my wings, and try to fly. I even got my sisters friend to take photos of me. I atleast tried, even though it was silly and my fake wings didn’t work out as planned. It shaped my mind to try bigger and bolder adventures, and dream a little harder. Image


My dreaming led to me creating stories in my head, which I wrote down, and published a book. My book had angels in, which could fly. I found that I had unleashed my own dreams, and opened up the wish list within my head. Nothing seemed impossible now. I could wish for anything, or so I believed in my naivety. I had not understood lifes lessons yet, because I was still very young, and only beginning my journey of discovery.  With much excitement, and anticipation of all the possibilities that lay ahead, I gleefully and woefully drew up a long wish list. I truefully believed that dreams magically came true. Maybe I could even get my wings, I thought. Yah, right! One by one, each dream crashed and burnt, and with it, my hopes of getting my wings faded. Why? Because I was getting older, and starting to realize that some dreams are just that: Dreams. And if one wanted to fuse dreams with reality, you had to dream sensible dreams which made sense in the real world. I needed to change my focus from imaginative wishes to what I truly could achieve in reality. Only then could I get the real gifts that the universe sets out for everyone. Slowly I learnt that anything is possible. Wishes are within reach and boundaries, if one stays focussed, stays positive and lets the Universe help you achieve this. Some things in life is taught to us, but achieving ones own wishes and fulfilling ones own dreams comes from within ones self, and from creating that image within ones mind of what it is you really want. Just like a bucket list of wishes, just like the one we present to Santa Clause at Christmas time, we set out wishes and goals in life, hoping to get these within a set time. I’ve since learnt that if I set my mind on something really important, worked hard to achieve it, I have succeeded in fulfilling another wish. Now most of my dreams come true if I apply myself on a regular basis. I currently have so many dreams floating around in my head, of things I want to do in life, and as I tick them off as achieved, I move onto another dream. With every dream, I have wishes: things I wish for to make my dreams come true. I think I have the hang of it all now. I know that they work hand in hand, and that its a slow process, of hard work. I’m grateful that I have discovered how to dream, how to make my wishes come true, because its made me appreciate the journey of tears, and the fulfilment of gifts at the end of it. I can promise you one thing. Dreams Do Come True, if you wish for it. Happy dreaming.

Prologue: (Just dont dream my dreams. They are my own imagination) wis



Random Acts Of Kindness: Smile a Day

Come Join me One Morning and Make Strangers Smile 🙂

Cinematic Kids SA

Making Motorists Smile

Its May Month. Its also the month of my birthday. I wanted to share my birthday with strangers, and decided to make a Smile Poster.Imagey

Everyday I take the Mycity Bus to school and on Thursday, 15th May 2014, I decided to take along my Smile Poster and see what happens if I stood for half an hour, waving at strangers, and smiling at everyone who looked my way. It worked! Motorists noticed me. Some rolled down their cars windows, and asked me what it was all about. I smiled, and shouted “I want you to have a happy day”. wow! The biggest smiles appeared, and then there were also people who slowed down, to take a photograph of this smiley girl. It was freezing cold my first morning, but I managed to dance with the huge poster, and warm up alittle. I was so happy…

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Random Acts Of Kindness: Smile a Day

Making Motorists Smile

Its May Month. Its also the month of my birthday. I wanted to share my birthday with strangers, and decided to make a Smile Poster.Imagey

Everyday I take the Mycity Bus to school and on Thursday, 15th May 2014, I decided to take along my Smile Poster and see what happens if I stood for half an hour, waving at strangers, and smiling at everyone who looked my way. It worked! Motorists noticed me. Some rolled down their cars windows, and asked me what it was all about. I smiled, and shouted “I want you to have a happy day”. wow! The biggest smiles appeared, and then there were also people who slowed down, to take a photograph of this smiley girl. It was freezing cold my first morning, but I managed to dance with the huge poster, and warm up alittle. I was so happy because there were more happy motorists off to their destinations. At approximately 8am, my bus came, and I dashed off to catch it, leaving my mom to carry the poster back to the car. I happily sat down in the bus, waved her goodbye, had a final glance at the cars passing, and went off to school with a big smile on my face. I could not hide my secret at school, as everyone saw the green paint from the poster, still on my hands, and asked about it. My teacher was very impressed upon hearing what I had done so early in the morning. It made me smile all day long. I vowed I would do it again, and again.


I have now stood a few times, holding my Smiley poster, and enjoyed making strangers smile. Occasionally there have been commuters passing, who stopped to chat or have a photo taken with me. Everyone found this amusing, and sweet. They would happily chat for a minute, smile at the cars that were hooting, and be on their way again. I was happy for the company, meeting new people, and getting used to regular motorists passing at certain times. I do recommend anyone to do this, as you get a huge happy response from strangers, and the satisfaction of knowing that there are people who needed that happy smile to start their day with.


My birthday came and went, but I am still standing with my smiley board, and making motorists smile. It takes a few minutes to entertain someone, but the memory stays with you for a long time. Kindness is not measured by what you do, but by doing a good deed with alot of passion. The recipient appreciates your good deed if he or she can see that its given with a big heart. If the deed is gratifying for both, then the effort was well worth it. I will continue doing good deeds, if I know that it brings happiness into many peoples lives, and if it can change others. One good deed leads to another, and many good deeds can change the world. Im looking forward to many more smiley days. So long as the weather permits, expect to see me and my poster smiling at you..

whats next on my agenda? wait and see.. I dont plan my days… but dont be surprised at my next random act of kindness.

Have a smiley day everyday… smile, and the whole world smiles back with you. its alot of fun!!!

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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop/Kimite Cancino


Thank you to Lynette Crowell for tagging me on this Blog hop. Lynette is the author of The Magic Trilogy.

Lynette just completed her third book in this amazing Trilogy, and her book has successfully won a “write on” competition, with it being made into a film. She is also currently working on her 4th book, The Tale of Clump a Changeling’s Story, and it should be available by the end of 2014.                      Quote from Lynette: “In my books you get to delve into the secret lives of witches, wizards, evil mages and even juvenile wood sprites.”

To find out more about Lynette,  you can visit her blog here

I have to admit I enjoy a good blog hop. It’s a kind of game so it’s all about having fun. The aim of the hop is to tag some of our author friends into a written piece of work about yourself. This enables the hop to continue by jumping over to the next person who has volunteered to be part of the blog hop.

I’ve been asked to answer the following four questions for this fun hop.

What is the title of your latest book?

My book is titled Toxic Persuaded Love: Under the Influence and it is the first of a six part Fantasy book series. I have worked on my second book, Death Wish, but its still unpublished to date. I will finish all the books within the next five years.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I was 15 years old, addicted to reading every fantasy book in the library, totally absorbed in the enchanting world the books gave me. I wished that there were movies made from these books. When my mother told me that not all books become movies, it hurt, so I decided I was going to be a film maker, but I needed to first write those books which I wanted filmed. It was a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, when I sat down, and drafted my first story. I was so excited, that I drafted the next one too, and the next, until Id outlined all six stories, and was determined my books would become movies someday, to excite other teenagers like myself. By the Monday, I could not stop writing, and continued on for months (seven in total). While reading other fantasy books for inspiration, I also worked part time to pay for the publishing of my first book. I found that my writing improved towards the end of my book, and I was using big words and detailed descriptions. The publishers were rushing me to finish my work. I excitedly sent off my draft just before Christmas. This was my first experience of writing a book, having it published and experiencing a deep, jubilating feeling of accomplishment. My next step was learning as much as I could about film making, through many library books and researching the information on the web. I spent months at it, and eventually acquired my first hand held camcorder to practice with. I am on my journey of film-making, and I am combining both skills to make that first dream I had, many years ago, come true. (my Bio  ) I will film my own fantasy books and more. I think Toxic Persuaded Love is a special collection, because its about the realm between heaven and earth. Its part based on my own life. I wrote about my sister and her friends, and placed them in a special fantasy world, where good verses evil. Where Sasha, the main character, goes to and must try to earn her wings to become an angel. Her Grandmother comes to her in a dream, and instructs her to accomplish seven important steps to doing this. Each book is filled with: drama, love, magic, conflict and challenges.

What genre does your book fall under?

My book is mostly aimed at the young adult market, and because it is imagination and fantasy, I would assume it would be Teen Fantasy Fiction. If it were to be made into a film, I would also classify it Fantasy.

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

In the realms of the spirit world, Sasha discovered powers she never knew she possessed, while trying to overcome many obstacles, on her journey to becoming an angel.

Is your book self published or represented by an agency?

My book, Toxic Persuaded Love was published by an agency from the United Kingdom. I was a naive, first time author, and did not know about self publishing, or E-books, or Amazon, or the many other ways authors publish their work today. I dont regret my first work published this way, as it gave me valuable insights into the world of publishing/marketing/networking and writing.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I cant recall exactly, but I do know that I wrote outlines for all my chapters, and follow up books, within hours of starting. I was so filled with excitement to start, that I sat up all night drafting my first book. Within a week, I had proudly completed a chapter. Going over my work for spelling mistakes, I ended up re-writing some paragraphs, but always keeping the original story idea in sight. I was halfway writing my first book, when I came across an advert calling for new writers. Being curious, I clicked on it, and left my contact details on the questionnaire. Within two days, I received a phone call from a very lovely lady working for Xlibris.UK, who asked me a few questions about my work. She was excited about the story I was busy writing, and invited me to publish with them. She even made out an affordable payment scheme which would finish when I had completed my book I was working on. Being under age, my mom co-signed the contract (my first time ever) with me, and from there onwards, I was involved with my own project until its completion. I lived in my magical, fantasy books, and wrote many other stories on blogs I joined, and entered writing competitions. Writing is my life.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I am a huge fan of PC Cast, Meg Cabot, Cassandra Clare, JK Rowling, and many more.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The music that I had listened to at that time helped me get started on writing those very first chapters. Also, reading many dark/romantic stories from other authors (mentioned above) helped me get a lot of inspiration.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Besides Sasha Theart, the main character, there are many other main characters who will either enthral you, or appall you. Each chapter is from the viewpoint of one main character. My book is written in a way that might confuse any reader at first, but once you have gotten into the heads of each character, into understanding their purposes, you will quickly relate to the drama unfolding and the events leading up to its final climax. I have tried to make each character as believable as possible, breathing life into them as if they were real. I envisioned each scene in front of me, and unleashed them into situations which took my breath away. Even though its a fantasy story, I wrote Under the Influence as though it were a place that really existed. My stories have messages to inspire and to keep you talking about them long after you have finished reading the book.

Toxic Persuaded Love: Under the Influence


Book Description

 June 29, 2012

“The Spirit World has been a place to go to when you depart Earth’s plan. Sacha Theart dies and meets the unraveled and unanswered problems that hide deep within the woods of the powerful realm.

Throughout her journey in the Spirit World, she encounters conflicts, magic, betrayal and love. Not only is she blinded by the twin hotties of the spirit school, but by the distraction of her new boyfriend that is masking something from everyone. Along the way, she accomplishes an unforeseen power that no one has yet analyzed.

What happens when your friend betrays you for a guy? What happens when you find your boyfriend kissing his cousin? What happens when you become an angel? Its only the beginning of their Influence upon you….

This is a new refreshing book about life after death! This book has some twist and turns that is unexpected. This will also leaving you guessing until the every end. I would highly recommened this book to anyone who will ask.– @goodreads (reviews)
Thats me for this week. Its now time for me to introduce three talented authors I have tagged to continue the hop.
@David Melton who wrote  The wonder years of Oscar the raccoon
@Nelia Symington-Vivier,  who is an accomplished journalist

A Miracle, then Tragedy Struck me.

The weather was great for filming, the kids at my Youth Film Club were waiting when I arrived at our regular spot, close to their homes. All 20 of them, and more. It was a typical Saturday, and I was expecting to only use 7 kids for my much planned out script. But then word spread where my intended location would be at, and while driving there with my mom and 5 of the kid actors, we passed groups of kids running to the location. It was kind of funny, like you would see when an accident happened, and people were running to the scene. I held my breath a few times, watching them from the back window, as the little ones navigated traffic to cross a busy main road. Arriving at location, a large open park five minutes from their homes, we parked the car and watched as the kids arrived excited and begging to be “extras” on set. It took a good half an hour re-assigning new spots for almost all of them. The rest went and enjoyed the park rides. We prepped and costumed the 6 main characters, and then we found a quiet spot near the sliding board, to begin filming.
Half way through filming, two women arrived. They went up to a disabled boy in a wheel chair, laid their hands on his head, praying out loud. Some of us noticed, but we carried on filming. Then the women walked away, watching us filming from a distance.

My mom was talking with the 12 years old boys older sister, when the boy climbed out of his wheel chair, and stood next to them. Then suddenly, one of the church ladies came running up to them.
She kept asking if he had ever walked before, and upon hearing from the boys sister, that he had never walked before, she sang out praises to God, and made a big fuss of this miracle that happened.
Everyone clapped for the boy, hugged him, and took photographs. For a long time, he was the focus of our attention, and he enjoyed it. He shyly hid behind his sister when anyone tried to take photos.
The church ladies took down his parents information, and left.
This was a glorious event which excited everyone. We were convinced that our club was blessed beyond words. We carried on filming, everyone more happier and a deep feeling of friendship was felt.

Filming ended in the early evening, and after wrapping it up, everyone walked home with jubilee in their steps. My mom and I packed up our props and bags, loading everything into the car. We lifted 4 boys and a small girl back to their homes. This was a blessing in a big way, as the events that followed still haunt me.

We just turned off the busy main road, a street away from turning into their street, when my moms car broke down. This was the first sign of tragedy to follow. The car died in the middle of the road, close to a shop which luckily swarmed with other motorists eager to help us out. It took less than 5 minutes to jump start my moms old Mazda 323 car, which rattled on, but got the kids to their homes.
Arriving at home soon after, I discovered that we did not have my bags with my valuable camera, mic and props. I was distraught, and my mom quickly drove back, smoke flaring from the exaust pipe, the engine threatening to cease, to location.

Every second of the way, I kept saying its too late, that after half an hour, someone must have found my bag, and stolen everything. I prayed that we found it. I willed traffic lights to turn green. We barely stopped next to the park, and within seconds I had run to a spot in the middle of the field, where I found my one brown bag. All that was in it was the mic and leads. My expensive Canon webcam was gone!
My mom was talking to two young boys in the park, and a couple, asking them if they’d seen anyone walking with a pnp carrier bag with film equipment in it. The two boys remembered a tall dark man, wearing blue jeans and a blue top, running from the park, barely a few minutes earlier. They pointed out the direction he had fled, and happily agreed to accompany us in search of my stolen camera.
Every second counted. We drove like cowboys, racing down many streets, asking many people along the way if they’d seen this man. Some pointed out that they’d seen a man going towards the nearby hospital, so we raced in that direction. I felt helpless with every second passing. It felt like my life flashed before me, imagining my world without my camera, and it meant my ONLY career would cease. I could not live without my camera, as we are too poor to replace it, and we don’t have anyone who could sponsor me again. It would also have meant that all the footage of today’s filming was in vain. I would have to end the Youth Film Club, and let down so many hopeful and aspiring young kids. How would I cope, how would they?

We tried phoning the police while we were frantically driving, but after the woman listened to our story, she hung up on us. This angered me, because I wanted them to help us search for this man.
I even pleaded with a big burly man sitting in his parked ADT car, to help us search. He agreed, and drove off towards the park. Going back to the park, to search more streets on the other side, we dropped the two boys off, and stopped next to a kind man parked close by to the park. I hoped he had seen something while parked there. He said he had been there longer than half hour, which gave me some hope, as I waited to hear his response if hed seen anything. He shook his head, but offered to take a drive into seedy areas to enquire if anyone was selling my camera. While he and my mom stood next to the car chatting, I sat with my head bowed, and cried. Big sobs came out, and I didn’t

12yo disabled boy rises from wheel chair and walks.

12yo disabled boy rises from wheel chair and walks.

My life as a film maker.

My life as a film maker.

care who saw me. I cried because I felt I would never see my camera again, that by this time, it was sold off. I imagined the thief to not care about its value to me, and that he was just needing a few rands to feed a drug habit or something. I cried thinking back on all the work I had done with my camera, how it had fulfilled and made a difference in my life, and to so many kids in my film club. I tried thinking ahead, and all I saw was a void blackness.. Why me? Why was I to loose everything I valued in life? Was I not meant to have a future? Was I not meant to uplift and inspire others? Was this the end? The end of my career, and the end to my film club?

I could still hear my mom chatting frantically to this man, when all of a sudden she gasped, and cried out excitedly for me to look.
In her hand was the most beautiful camera I had ever seen…
She had opened up the boot, and found the bag right at the back, with the camera and all the props inside. When she showed me, I was so excited, I painfully let out a scream, grabbing the camera and held it tight to my chest. The kind man smiled and kept saying how happy he was that it was safe. I felt so much relief in this moment. The drama of the past hour had exhausted me. Driving slowly back, reflecting on events, I asked my mom if we could park at the beach, as I needed some alone time to reflect on all the events, and wanted to pour my heart out, but with our car threatening to die at any moment, we had to go home, and park her safely. My mom couldn’t afford her breaking down, at night, along any roads.
I climbed out of the rusty old car, clutching my precious camera close to my heart, looked up at the heavens, and said a Big Thank You. I think deep down, this drama has made me stronger, and its a sign of big things to come. Maybe Im blessed. Maybe Im the chosen one, who will guide and lead future generations of aspiring young minds like myself. All I can do is keep on my good work, and stay positive. Someone will notice. Someone will care.

My lesson for today was that no matter how bad a situation is, we can overcome obstacles, and that we are not alone.
So many miracles happened today. The life of a young boy altered forever, because of prayers, and my camera found. My moms broken car jump started by total strangers when we needed it most, and kind words of strangers to keep me going. We just need to keep believing, and our prayers do get answered. Cinematic Kids SA youth film club, is a blessing to me, and to many it reaches.

kids who makes short films together.

kids who makes short films together.

How to make NO BUDGET short films.

No Budget Short Films

No Budget Short Films

Who we are:
As a Free Youth Film Club, we make our own short films. We mostly film on Saturdays, in the area where the members live. We use props on hand, our own clothing, my moms transport (an old rust bucket car which has seen better days), and we choose locations suitable for the story line. Every time I arrive to film, I only see 1 or 2 members around. But within half an hour, more arrive, and there is always new kids coming to the car, asking to sign up. The club grows by 3-5 new members every week, and now has almost 30 members, all eager to make a movie. Unless we have a story line for a large set, we usually only film with around 3-5 actors, and have to let the other members watch from the side lines.
I own a Canon webcam, a sturdy tripod, and windows 8 media player.

My Weekly planning:
On a Monday, I scout cool locations in my area, and form ideas for our next projects. Then I write down the ideas, how many actors I would need, and what props we would use. By the Friday, my story idea is complete, and I sit and write a script, which takes around 2 hours to complete. This I do as a backup, in case I get to set the Saturday, and no one had a script they wanted to film, or if the script given was not what we could use.
Often stories given require adults or places we cant use., or its beyond our filming capabilities,like if its not making sense, or badly written.
Ive used many stories from members to date.
Members are eager to create new films, because its fun filming with us and their friends, and because it keeps them from being bored.
Every week is different. We film only outdoors, because we dont have lightning, and we dont have premises to film indoors.
All our films are gorilla style which means we film where we can, and dont need permission, expensive permits, and unnessary attention.
To most people who watch us filming, we look like a group of kids having outdoor fun, and unless we share with people what we are doing, they are none the wiser that a film is being made. Its exciting to see their reactions.

We are a fun, youth film club, who exact talent from those who act, and creativity from those who join. No member is doing this for money or payments. Each is hoping that after putting in so much effort, that they could one day pursue their dreams further, either in acting, music or film making. These kids are hoping that the club gets the full attention of Hollywood, and that they show the world what they are capable of achieving. Many come from low incomes, but have the abilities to shine in their efforts.
Cinematick Kids SA is for those who believe in magic and are willing to follow their dreams.